Preserve Your Family Legacy

A Family Legacy Documentary will document and preserve your family legacy in a full-length “Feature Film” to captivate and share with your family members and generations to come. The Family Legacy Stories provide a shorter option of the Family Legacy Documentaries. The individual stories told by your loved ones are produced into a engaging and entertaining format.

Featured Film: A Family Legacy- Park

Bob and Darlene’s granddaughter wanted to preserve her family history by capturing their sentimental, motivating and priceless memories. Alongside her, we captured her grandparents recollections at their home in St. Louis Park, MN, and edited their stories into an entertaining feature film documenting their family legacy. The film included family photos, favorite music, historical images and footage, sound effects, text and motion graphics. Their Family Legacy Documentary was a priceless holiday gift for her grandparents and entire family!

Featured Story: Retired Colonel Marty Mahrt

The production of Retired Colonel Marty Mahrt's miraculous story won regional, national and international awards in 2017. It was recognized alongside productions from CBS Interactive and ESPN Films in the 2017 Telly Awards. It was also the production which honored TP-Productions with its first Upper Midwest Regional Emmy®. These short story options of the Family Legacy Documentaries are produced into a entertaining and cinematic way.

Family Legacy Documentaries

So much time goes into researching your family history. You find articles, pictures, stories, but how do you share this information with future generations of your family. Will they care to go through all the documents you’ve filed? If only we could share with them our first-hand recollections of what life was like and how they came to be. They could hear the emotion in your voice and the see the expression in your face as you tell family stories. They could be engaged visually by the pictures you show them. Relive memories, continue traditions, retain the information scattered through your records, photos, and film. They could be captivated by you… by their family legacy.